IC Adapters and Flip Chip Sockets Vacuum-compatible adapters enable powering up of packaged Integrated
Circuits (ICs) during E-beam analysis or FIB modification. Applications include functional reverse engineering, circuit debug,
and fault isolation.
Sample Current Monitoring for FIB Via Endpoint and EBL Dose Control Add-on design makes the
setup compatible with most of existing FIB and FEB equipment , enables easy customization and integration.
Add-on Gas Supply for FIB and FEB systems Reactive gas box is designed to supply standard and custom
precursor gases to facilitate etching and deposition processes in Focused Ion Beam and Focused Electron Beam Systems.
Advanced Gas Delivery Nozzle for FIB and FEB systems "CUPOLA" (TM) design reduces consumption
of process gases, improves imaging, enhances capabilities of FIB and FEB tools.
Refurbished MCP detectors have same operational resource at a fraction of OEM replacement costs
Refurbished CCIG sensor tubes have same operational resource at a fraction of OEM replacement costs
Aperture Strips FIB and FEB aperture strips, fully refurbished to "new" condition, offer significant
cost savings comparatively to OEM list prices. Custom aperture configurations available and
provide additional cost advantages.
Particle Beam Systems & Technology
Microchannel plates from leading Chinese manufacturer available in USA

Wide variety of MCP plates, both standard and specialty plates made to order,
in imaging and engineering quality grades are available at astonishingly low