Circuit Edit Application Support and Process Development

Successful modification of Integrated Circuits on interconnect level, sometimes referred as
"Silicon Microsurgery" or "Circuit Edit", requires a suite of advanced technologies and
processes, which may need to be modified or fine-tuned to accommodate challenging circuit
edit requests. Engineering consulting for circuit edit application and circuit edit process
development services are available to help with all aspects of modification of integrated
circuits.  Almost all conceivable circuit edit  projects can be realized, providing you have
right techniques, equipment, and expertise at your disposal.

Circuit Edit training for FIB operators is also available, contact
Decapsulation, de-packaging, die re-packaging, re-bonding, sample preparation
Prevention of ESD damage to the device - without charge neutralization
Precision navigation with CAD data or even CAD-less
100% reliable endpoint detection, every time, on any sample
Stable position during via milling and filling processes - with real-world equipment
Extracting fast signals through high aspect ratio probe points - low-cost methods
Contacting multiple nodes regardless of depth - quickly and reliably
Making long-distance interconnections with low resistance (Patent Application in progress, NDA required)
Particle Beam Systems & Technology
Uniform thinning of C4 packaged devices (Patent Application in progress, NDA required)
Fast and VERY fast via milling